Celebrating Milestones: Graduation 2024

Honoring Our Graduates: A Bright Future Ahead

As we reach the mid-way point of 2024, Blazin’ Trails Cowboy Church is proud to celebrate a significant milestone—the high school graduation of three of our outstanding young members: Addie, Caleb, and Kaylee. These three individuals have not only excelled academically but have also made meaningful contributions to our church and community.

Addie Dillon, the daughter of Steve and April Dillon of Vale, NC, is a graduate of West Lincoln High School. Throughout her life Addie has had a deep respect for animals and agriculture.  In addition to academic success in the classroom, Addie has also learned animal stewardship hands-on at the family farm.  This fall she will combine and expound on those skills as she pursues a degree in Animal Sciences at the University of Tennessee. Addie hopes that this degree will lead her down a path in which she can contribute to advancements in animal nutrition and genetics.  Her parents have fostered a deep appreciation for our lands and we are certain Addie will take that into the next generation.

Caleb Carpenter, son of Billy and Callie Carpenter from Lincolnton, NC, is another proud graduate of West Lincoln High School. Despite inheriting his mother’s love and talent for music and being an integral part of the BTCC Music Ministry–Caleb has chosen a different career path.  Caleb has shown a remarkable aptitude for working in various trades; even becoming OSHA certified before his eighteenth birthday.  He plans to further his education at Gaston College, where he will pursue a Trade as an Electrician.  Having watched his father Billy’s success as a tradesman, his grandfather Keith’s success as an electrician, and his grandfather Harvey’s bravery as a firefighter we are certain that Caleb’s strong work ethic will make him a leader in both his chosen trade and our community.

Kaylee Tabor, a recent graduate of Maiden High School, is the daughter of Michael and Brittany Tabor.  Kaylee has been an inspiring presence at Blazin’ Trails Cowboy Church.  While at Brooke’s Round Up she dons a comical puppy costume or princess dress to bring happiness to special needs attendees, in her real life she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty working to fix her truck with her dad.  Kaylee’s future plans are still unfolding, but her commitment to making a positive impact, excelling in the unexpected and being a leader remains clear.  She has demonstrated qualities and a strong faith that will undoubtedly guide her in her future endeavors.

We invite everyone at Blazin’ Trails Cowboy Church to join us in celebrating these remarkable young individuals. We have no doubt that their drive, intelligence and Christian ideals will lead them to great success.  As they embark on their next chapters in life, we extend our heartfelt thanks for all they have done for our Church and prayers for their continued success.  Their achievements are a source of pride for our church and community, and we are excited to witness the bright futures that lie ahead for Addie, Caleb, and Kaylee.

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