Brooke’s Round Up: A Celebration for Special Needs Individuals

What it is:

Brooke’s Round Up is the largest annual Charity event for Blazin’ Trails Cowboy Church.  It is named in honor of Brooklyn Cockerline who was the special needs daughter of Jason (Church Elder) and Alicia (Children’s Ministry Lead) Cockerline. Once a year all special needs children and adults from the greater Lincoln County area, regardless of disability or age, are invited to attend with their families and friends for a full-blown extravaganza of fun-filled Rodeo and Carnival festivities!  

Brooke’s Round Up takes place at “The Ponderosa” which is the home to Blazin’ Trails Cowboy Church.  This one-of-a-kind event was created especially for our special needs community and is tailored to their unique physical, mental and emotional needs.  

In the words of Brooklyn’s parents, Jason and Alicia, Brooke’s Round Up is not only fun but it is also a deeply emotional experience for the families of special needs individuals.  Unfortunately not all special needs children have the opportunity to play with others, engage in sporting activities or go to a school dance.  The mission of this event has always been to change that!  

As a parent, guardian or family member, you will have the opportunity to watch your loved one smile and laugh with boundless joy and wonder in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere.  Additionally, you too will find loving fellowship and understanding that special needs individuals and their families often seek. 

Activities and Experiences at Brooke’s Round Up

Brooke’s Round Up is an immersive experience packed with activities designed to cater to the needs of special needs individuals.  We want you to know that even individuals with the most limiting special needs can still enjoy the day with visual, auditory or tactile sensations. So please do not hesitate to register for this event. Our team of volunteers are on-site to make sure that all participants have the maximum amount of fun!

At the heart of the event, hayrides provide a gentle and scenic tour of The Ponderosa,  allowing participants to soak in the festive atmosphere while enjoying the outdoors. For those seeking a more interactive experience, horseback riding and a petting zoo offer an opportunity for attendees to connect with  animals in a safe and controlled environment.

For thrill-seekers, the mechanical bull riding station presents an exciting challenge. Don’t worry, the bull’s speed and movements can be adjusted to accommodate different comfort levels, and numerous members of our men’s ministry assist every participant to ensure a thrilling yet safe experience. 

Roping games add a touch of Western flair from our Cowboy Church, allowing everyone to try their hand at traditional cowboy skills.  And you won’t want to miss the dunk tank where everyone cheers when they see someone sink (you get an extra round of applause if you can dunk Pastor Harvey!)

Brooke’s Round Up is a special day when we open up the barn doors and clear out the pews allowing our fully ADA compliant church to be transformed into an area filled with carnival style games, face painting and bracelet making.  Shaded and with flat cement floors this area is a great location for individuals with wheelchairs to take in the views of the Bouncy House and Mechanical Bull.

If your special needs family members loves music, then the dance arena is the place to be!  Level and handicap accessible, the heart of the party is our dance arena located under our covered pavilion!  Not only do we have a live DJ taking requests, but all of the beloved characters from popular movies are there to boogie along.  There are full sized and real-life princesses, superheroes, and even robots!

Food trucks and carnival style food vendors are on-site, with zero cost to any attendee.  

Why we do it:

Brooke’s Round Up is more than just a day of festivities; it is a manifestation of the church’s mission to embrace and uplift those with special needs and their families. For the Volunteers at Blazin’ Trails Cowboy church, witnessing participants conquer their fears and try new activities, such as riding a mechanical bull for the first time or beaming with happiness while dancing with their favorite princess or superhero, is truly heartwarming.

Through Brooke’s Round Up, the church continues to shine a light on the fact that every individual, regardless of their abilities, holds a cherished place within the community and has a purpose in God’s story.

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