Rodeo Ponderosa Week: A Time for Reflection

Rodeo Ponderosa Week: A Time for Reflection

As Rodeo Ponderosa Week has begun, we find ourselves caught up in the excitement and preparations for this grand event. However, it is important to take a moment and reflect on the true purpose behind this gathering.

For the past few weeks leading up to the event, Pastor Harvey has begun our worship services by asking the church members to go outside and dedicate 10 minutes of time to pray over the arena grounds. These prayers are focused on ensuring the safety of all attendees and athletes.  This quiet time of prayer is a stark contrast to the weekend long events the attendees will experience.

This annual rodeo is not just a thrilling spectacle, but also the largest fundraising event for our church. It enables us to support our community outreach programs and fulfill our mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we ask Him to guide us throughout the event and protect us.

Recognizing the Dedication of Freddy and Gwen

Pastor Harvey also wants to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our volunteers, who have been working tirelessly to make this event possible.

In particular, among all of our incredible volunteers, there is one couple that deserves special recognition – Freddy and Gwen. Every year, they devote themselves to setting up the arenas, doing behind the scenes work that can go unnoticed.  They are kind and generous people whose love and stewardship of animals  is evident.

One clear example of their kindness occurred just a few days ago after the Easter sunrise service. Freddy and Gwen stayed behind to complete last-minute tasks and ensure everything was set up perfectly. They traded their “Easter best” attire for work clothes, demonstrating their selfless dedication to the event. Pastor Harvey describes them as “incredible people who never seek recognition or ask for thanks.”

On behalf of everyone at BCCC, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Freddy and Gwen, as well as all our Rodeo Ponderosa volunteers. Their hard work and commitment are the backbone of this event.

As we come together for Rodeo Ponderosa Week, let us remember the true spirit of community and faith that underpins this event.  Let us continue to pray to God for the safety and well-being of everyone involved.  See you at the Rodeo!

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