Pastor's Wife

Kim Gates is more than just the pastor’s wife; she is one of the cornerstones of the Blazin’ Trails Cowboy Church community. While her title may suggest simplicity, her roles and contributions are anything but. From leading women’s groups to managing finances and coordinating events, Kim truly does it all. Initially soft-spoken and somewhat shy, once you get to know her, you realize the depth of her qualities. She is witty, kind, giving, and endlessly supportive.

Kim is a proud graduate of Lincolnton High School, the same as Pastor Harvey albeit two years behind. Their love story began on a fateful night in the late 70s when Kim saw Harvey in his 1978 soft-top Jeep Renegade cruising through downtown Lincolnton. Ever the gentleman, he yelled out to this pretty young woman to meet him at the local Texaco.  They began courting and soon were in marriage counseling at the local church before “getting hitched” in 1980.  To this day, if you show up at Blazin’ Trails you will always see her Jeep parked outside the church, an homage to their initial meeting and a testament to their enduring love.

When Pastor Harvey speaks about Kim, his admiration is palpable. “She is the picture of what it means to be Christ-like to me. When I picture grace, I think of Kim,” he says. He also praises her forgiving, understanding, loving, and genuine nature. Harvey credits Kim for his own spiritual journey, stating, “She is the reason I came to Christ. She pushed me to be a better man.”

In a twist of fate, Harvey and Kim’s spiritual paths converged at a revival at Salem Baptist Church in 1991. Kim was in the congregation, while Harvey was upstairs operating the camera. During the song “If You Died Tonight,” Kim went to the altar to give her life to Christ, unbeknownst to Harvey. Later that evening, Harvey also felt the calling and they met in the counseling room behind the stage. This pivotal moment set the course for their shared journey in faith.

Throughout their marriage, Kim has been a steadfast supporter of Harvey’s spiritual leadership. Harvey recalls never hearing Kim question his decisions, even when it meant leaving the comfort of her friends and familiar fellowship. She did it all with grace and faith.

Kim Gates exudes the virtues of grace, love, and unwavering support. Her multifaceted roles within the church and her enduring love for Pastor Harvey make her an integral part of its community. She is not just a pastor’s wife; she is a leader, a friend, and confidant to all who know her.

Perhaps the greatest compliment she received was from a visiting couple who remarked, “We’ve been going to a new church for over a year and just last week met our pastor’s wife. And when we came today as guests for the first time, she came over and introduced herself.”  That’s just the kind of person Kim is.  And we are grateful to have her.