Children's Ministry

Alicia is the leader of our church’s children’s ministry, known as Kid’s Corral. She assumed this role out of a simple need and her genuine desire to help.  Speaking on why she began to lead Kid’s Corral, Alicia said “We just had a need and I love to help however I can.  I am still praying that one day God will send us the person that is suppose to run the program and really make it flourish–but until He sends someone else I’ll be here!”

With her background as a registered nurse, Alicia brings a sense of trust and expertise to her role as the leader of our children’s ministry. The church members have full confidence in her ability to care for and guide our most valuable little souls.  Alicia’s passion for children is evident in her own words: “I am here for God to use me however I can for the kids. I love kids with my entire heart.”

Alicia is a true ‘Carolina girl’, born and raised in Lincolnton, NC.  She has a bright smile, warm heart, and generous spirit. Together with her husband Jason, who serves as a church elder, they celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary this year. They are proud parents to Jonathan and Nathan, and they hold a special place in their hearts for their late child, Brooklyn.

In honor of Brooklyn, they founded Blazin’ Trails Brooke’s Roundup. This initiative is a testament to her love and commitment to making a difference in the lives of all children–especially Special Needs children.

If you are interested in joining Alicia and supporting Kids Corral, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her.  She very much is looking for volunteers.  Alicia firmly believes that “kids are the future of our church, and if we don’t put time and love into them, we won’t have a future.”